From Listing to Settlement

Sellers Select Plus

We give the best quality service, expertise, and marketing. We have great rapport with our sellers, and they can count on us for consistent and thorough attention throughout the sales process.

Choose the Correct Price

will assist by providing key information:

  • Neighborhood “Sold” comparable information
  • Neighborhood “For Sale” information for properties currently listed
  • Area-wide data on current sales and inventory

Preparation of the Property for Market

The best possible presentation of your house and garden is essential. will review our “Be Prepared” list with you and point out the specific items that apply to your property (painting, window washing, etc.). We can also provide the resources to help you complete the job quickly and easily.


In today’s competitive market, houses sell quickly when they are priced right and show well.¬† Staging a property allows¬†prospective purchasers to visualize how they will live.¬† Our stagers can provide everything from furniture for an entire house to a few choice accessories to create just the right ambiance for your home.

Garnet Tennyson Hadley
Hadley Associates

Red House Staging

Marketing and Advertising

What will do for your property:

  • We will enter your listing in Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS)
  • Newspaper advertising – customized advertising in the Washington Post; alternative advertising with the property pictured in other area publication such as the Northest Current and The Gazette.
  • Property pictured and advertised in Evers & Co. display case in the lobby of our Chevy Chase and Dupont Circle Offices
  • Weekend open houses as appropriate
  • Brokers open houses on Tuesdays as appropriate
  • Internet marketing
  • Sample Marketing Materials (fact sheet, Washingtonian Ad, TV Display, Newspaper Ads, Mailings, etc.)

“Where Buyers Come From”

Contract Presentation

will present all contracts to you with a thorough analysis and review of each contract, as well as our recommendations for response, including corrections and additions to contracts, price counteroffer, if appropriate. We will assist in negotiations through final ratification.

Escrow Period

will oversee the structural inspection, termite inspection, and track the financing throughout the contingency period. The structural inspection will usually last from 2 – 5 hours. We will oversee the inspection for the sellers; it is better if the seller is not present. After the inspection, purchasers will generally submit a list of repairs to the sellers. We will assist you with your response. The termite inspection is ordered and paid for by either the buyers or the sellers as noted in the contract. Sellers are responsible for treating infestation and repairing any existing termite damage unless the property is being conveyed in “as it” condition. The financing contingency, if there is one, states that purchasers are obligated to obtain financing within a certain time period (see specific language in contract).

After the Sale

Sellers who will be staying in the area are welcome to call our office anytime in the future, for our Resource List information, which references every category from “architects” to “zoning”.

Call us anytime for an update on the residential real estate market, current financing, neighborhood sales, etc.